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People During Workshop

Standard Workshop

The Forgive For Life Workshop is five and a half to six hours divided into two segments. It includes education, discussion, exercises, application and coaching to help participants learn and begin to work through various steps of the process. Participants will learn about:

  • Bblical and psychological foundations of forgiveness,

  • Prerequisites to forgiveness such as emotional intelligence and understanding schemas: learned patterns of emotional, cognitive and behavioral response,

  • What forgiveness is and is not: forgiveness imposters,

  • Identification and expression of our wounds and their effects,

  • How to let go of the pain and effects,

  • Healthy communication in conflict,

  • Power balance in relationships,

  • Building trust through shared pain,

  • How to confront with love,

  • How to release the offender and yourself,

  • Moving beyond forgiveness.

Workshop Options

The standard workshop can be adjusted to suit the the needs and context of a particular group. It may be abbreviated to simply provide an introduction and overview. It may be expanded so as to offer time for more in depth discussion and personal application. 

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