People During Workshop

Basic Workshop

The Forgive For Life Workshop is approximately four  and a half hours. It includes real life examples as well as exercises to begin their work in the various steps of the process. Participants will learn about:

  • Bblical and psychological foundations of forgiveness,

  • Prerequisites to forgiveness such as emotional intelligence and understanding learned patterns of emotional, cognitive and behavioral response,

  • What forgiveness is and is not: forgiveness imposters,

  • Identification and expression of our wounds and their effects,

  • How to let go of the pain and effects,

  • Healthy communication in conflict,

  • How to confront with love,

  • How to release the offender and yourself.

Expanded Workshop

The expanded workshop is approximately seven hours divided into two segments. This workshop builds on the Basic Workshop to include:

  • Building trust through shared pain,

  • Power balance in relationships,

  • Deeper work in emotional intelligence and schemas – learned response patterns,

  • Additional time for deeper work in each exercise,

  • Moving beyond forgiveness,

  • Additional time for personal sharing and small group discussion.