The Forgive For Life Initiative is intended to bring the message, teachings about, and tools for forgiveness to every community.

Forgive for Life is a major initiative intended to inspire people and teach them how to truly forgive. It is the hope, vision and mission of Blair A’Hearn that the world be one in which forgiveness is accepted as a cultural and personal value. And, that individuals learn the foundations, process and practices necessary for true and complete forgiveness.
The basic model of the Forgive For Life Initiative is for a church to host an event for its own members. The larger model of the Forgive For Life Initiative is to partner with a local community church which will host the event. Depending on the particular event, general workshop/retreat or leadership event, the host church will work with Blair to reach out other churches and the broader community, inviting them to participate. The Forgive For Life offerings can be adapted for denominational or judicatory gatherings, as well as educational institutions, Live Well Counseling & Consulting and Blair A’Hearn are committed to making all events financially accessible to all people. Contact Live Well for pricing.